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Hidden Rivers is a 1-hour film that explores the rivers and streams of the Southern Appalachian region, North America’s most biologically rich waters. The film reveals both the beauty and vulnerability of these ecosystems, and how many people are finding ways to protect it.

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One of the most impactful ways to experience and share Hidden Rivers is through theatrical and community screening events hosted in local communities by local organizations. A focused regional Southeastern tour will begin in September 2019, and will target conservation groups, schools & colleges, museums & nature centers, faith-based communities & congregations, libraries & community centers, breweries & public houses

Hidden Rivers can be brought to local audiences of all sizes and in a variety of ways (see options below). We work to ensure that local partners have the capacity to conduct and promote an effective screening event, whether as a special event, program offering, fundraiser, or celebration.


Hidden Rivers film for local presentation

For partners with capacity for conducting and promoting a single local event. Includes promotional kit and downloadable video file for presentation.

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Presented Hidden Rivers film
With local representative or filmmaker and A/V assistance

For partners in the Southern Appalachian region who seek technical and promotional assistance, and/or a representative to present the film. Includes local coordinator / filmmaker attendance at event, A/V equipment for audiences up to 200, and promotional assistance. Filmmakers will be available for selected date windows in 2010- 2020. Subject to availability, and may include additional travel costs for certain locations.

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Event options

  • Panel discussion with Hidden Rivers biologists or local experts/representatives

  • Q&A with filmmakers, Jeremy Monroe or David Herasimtschuk

  • Hidden Rivers Pop-up Photo Gallery, by Hidden Rivers Co-Director/Cinematographer, David Herasimtschuk

  • Additional Freshwaters Illustrated short films / previews

Discounts: Please contact us if would like to hold an event but cannot afford the screening fees, or would like to coordinate a series of events with multiple audiences (e.g., school districts, congregations, clubs).

Sponsorship: We are seeking local and regional sponsors to help bring the film to more audiences, with an emphasis on under-resourced groups in rural communities. If you would like to help, contact

Contact: To inquire about or schedule an event, contact

Hidden Rivers Event Calendar: Explore scheduled Hidden Rivers dates at: ZtaWVxNzFsMDFjb29AZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ